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Bestel via onze webshop - met staffelkortingen!Steppie is een 'balance board' dat u bij een stawerkplek of stavergadertafel gebruikt.
Door het licht balanceren op de Steppie kunt u langer blijven staan zonder moe te worden.
Hierdoor gaat u tijdens beeldschermwerk of vergaderingen minder vaak zitten, waardoor u zich op het einde van de dag fitter zult voelen.

Steppie kunt u in onze showroom uitproberen.
De Steppie is te bestellen via onze webshop. Prijs is € 129,- excl btw.


Steppie features a simple yet stylish design that is equally at home in the office or living room.

In contrast to a traditional ball balance board that requires a great deal of energy, concentration and balance to master, Steppie requires none of the above and can be easily used by anyone. Locating the balance point is easy and the board’s seesaw motion is more controlled than a standard balance board.

The simplicity of the design is equalled only by the benefits of using the board:

  • You can stand for longer periods - a little movement is less tiring than standing still
  • Steppie improves circulation
  • Improves concentration
  • Promotes a natural posture
  • Activates and thus trains your core musculature (inner, deep muscles that support and balance the spine)
  • Activates and thus trains your balance
  • Activates and trains foot joints, knees and hips
  • Activity – burns energy – you lose weight

Regular use of Steppie at work - or training while you watch TV, for example, - improves your coordination, balance and reflexes and trains your core muscles, which are hard to ‘get to’.

Regular training on the balance board prevents most knee and ankle injuries! This is why a balance board is a regular part of training for professional skiers and also many football and handball players. A survey carried out among women handball players showed that proper training on a balance board can reduce knee and ankle injuries by as much as 75%!


The best way to rehabilitate your muscles and joints after ankle, knee or hip injuries is to use a balance board. However, using a standard ball balance board is for most people - at least to begin with - too difficult. Steppie, on the other hand, is much easier to use, and as you become more practiced, you can increase training by standing on one leg at a time or turning the board over and seesawing in the opposite direction.

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